A Quick Journey Through the Bible

Grow your understanding of the Bible:

This June, St. Francis of Assisi will again be offering the ‘quick’ version of Jeff Cavin’s Bible Timeline. In these DVDs Jeff presents an overview of the Bible that will give you one of the greatest “ah ha”s of your Catholic faith. The whole Bible begins to make sense as you are introduced to the 12 major historical periods of the Bible, the six covenants, and many of the major people and events in the Old Testament. This will make the Sunday readings come alive as never before!

For 4 Tuesday nights in September from 6:30 – 8 pm in St. Clare Hall, beginning Tuesday, September 4, two 30 minute DVDs will be shown. Although there will be some time for opening comments and questions following the DVDs, there will be no home study and no organized discussion groups! There is a $10 registration fee that can be paid at the first class. The fee pays for the supplies.

A Quick Journey Registration:

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