Wedding Terms and Conditions

Wedding Guidelines

Weddings at Saint Francis of Assisi Church

 Longmont CO.

Saint Francis of Assisi (SFA) is a beautiful Catholic Church in Longmont, Colorado.  Because of the overwhelming popularity of our church, we have created Wedding guidelines and policies to allow the Catholic faithful, to use our church for their weddings.If you are a member of Saint Francis of Assisi and wish to have your wedding ceremony in your parish, please contact, Deacon George Thierjung  at the parish office  at least  Eight to Nine (8-9) Months in advance of the planned wedding date . 
Due to Marriage’ sacramental nature, the Church celebrates each of the seven gifts by which we are strengthened and enriched by the Lord’s graces.  The sacrament of Marriage is one that brings great blessings to the couple who is wed, to their family and friends, and to the Church as a whole.  As such, Saint Francis of Assis, strives to help couples prepare for not only a wedding day, but for a lifetime of grace filled blessings in the relationship that will help lead them into eternal salvation.  The following guidelines have been developed over time to best serve the sacrament, the couple, and the community at large. Saint Francis of Assisi is a Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Denver.  Weddings will be celebrated for all Catholics in the Archdiocese or other diocese based upon availability.
Basic Requirements: Any couple considering marriage for a second time should be aware that time must be given for a possible annulment procedure.  Archdiocesan law prohibits the scheduling of a wedding until the annulment process is complete and an affirmative decision has been given.
The Denver Archdiocese requires a minimum eight-month preparation period, and it is recommended that the engaged couple begin their preparation in their own diocese and their own parish, and request their wedding date reservation up to a year in advance due to the large number of requests that we receive.

The wedding scheduling fee is $1,300.  This fee includes the use of Saint Francis of Assisi’s church for the rehearsal and wedding, the wedding coordinator for the church, the cantor, and pianist.   The scheduling fee does not include a voluntary offering (donation) to the priest or deacon who witnesses the marriage or the cost of Marriage Preparation Programs through the Archdiocese. 

Preliminary Preparation: The Saint Francis couple should schedule an appointment with Deacon George Thierjung who after an initial interview will introduce to you the marriage preparation guide to help you through the process.  After that interview, the couple may schedule their wedding date with SFA’s Deacon George, and that date and time will be confirmed once we have received the scheduling fee and checked on availability.

Necessary Documents: For Catholic(s), a current copy of each individual’s baptismal certificate (issued within 6 months of the wedding date) from the parish of baptism.  The baptismal certificates must be given to Deacon George.  Baptized – Non-Catholics are asked to obtain a copy of their baptismal certificate. Pre-nuptial investigation forms are filled out with the priest or deacon. Freedom to Marry forms are filled out by a parent of the betrothed but need to be signed in the presence of a priest or deacon. 

Marriage License: The State of Colorado requires a Marriage License, which is valid only for thirty days.  The wedding cannot be performed without a license.  The license must be given to the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal. 

Marriage Ceremony: All weddings will take place @ 1:00 PM on Saturdays, with Rehearsals taking place on Friday evening @ 5:00 PM If there are conflicts with other liturgical services Deacon George will advise at the time the wedding is booked.  If another day is desired, please discuss with the Deacon– contact information below.

A Nuptial Mass is the usual form for the celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony between two Catholics.

A marriage between a Catholic and a baptized Christian is usually celebrated outside of Mass.

A marriage between a Catholic and an unbaptized person is always celebrated outside of Mass.

You are asked to purchase a book:  Together for Life,(published by Ave Maria Press, Joseph Champlin author – available on Amazon for under ten dollars) which contains the scripture readings that may be used in the ceremony and the texts for the Marriage Rite.  When meeting with the priest or deacon who will be witnessing your marriage, you should discuss the readings and any other questions regarding your ceremony.   You should provide the celebrant and the SFA wedding coordinator with the selection form; from Together for Life at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding.

According to the Archdiocesan guidelines, only Eucharistic Ministers who are mandated to SFA may help distribute Holy Communion.  Friends or family members mandated to their own parish may not distribute Holy Communion at SFA.

  • An aisle runner is not necessary and is not allowed here at SFA for safety reasons.
  • The tossing of flower petals is not allowed.
  • Liturgy/song books cannot be removed from the pews.
  • Wedding programs are acceptable but are not published by SFA, these are done by the couple at their own publisher and at the expense of the couple.
  • All flowers brought in for the wedding must be removed at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Bride and Grooms rooms must be left clean.
  • You are allowed to use the facilities one hour before and 45 minutes after the service.
  • A Unity candle is not permissible.
  • Pew candles are not permitted, no tape, or thumb tacks are to be used on aisle ribbons or bows.
  • The wedding coordinator will answer all questions you may have around the ceremony and what is proper and what will not be allowed.
  • Deacon George Thierjung and the liturgical director must review all wedding music and readings when decided upon, it is imperative these follow liturgical guidelines please have these submitted for review at least 45 days prior to the wedding.

Rehearsal:  The rehearsal is usually the day prior to the wedding and is usually booked at the time the wedding is booked.   Please be 10 minutes early, and please advise all of your wedding party that they must be on time.  One hour is reserved for the rehearsal, so come prepared.  Other rehearsals or events may precede or follow your rehearsal.
The Wedding coordinator of SFA will handle the rehearsal .  Outside wedding coordinators are not allowed to run the rehearsal at SFA.  No changes to the liturgy are allowed.

Music:  All parts of the liturgy are expected to conform to the Church’s standards for noble, sacred and appropriate expressions of prayer and celebration.  As such, although many tastes in music are expressed by those approaching the sacrament of Marriage, the decisions on what is appropriate and fitting for the liturgical celebration, and the sacred setting must be approved. 
Facilities:  Bridal Room – The bridal room is for the convenience of the bride and her attendants.   The bridesmaids should come fully dressed, but there is room for the bridal party to dress here at SFA, as well as mirrors for touching up hair and makeup.   These rooms must be left cleaned and picked up after the ceremony
Grooms Room – The groom’s room is located in the library upstairs.  The groomsmen can use this room to change however the door must be kept closed once men enter the room as it is also viewable from the narthex.

SFA is not liable for lost or stolen items in the Saint Francis of Assisi church proper or any other church area.


  • ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR ANY WEAPONS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN SFA OR ON SFA GROUNDS. Bridal party must be sober on the day of rehearsal, and day of wedding.
  • Rice, confetti, birdseed, silly string etc. may not be thrown inside or outside SFA due to the wildlife in the area. Bubbles are allowed well outside and toward the parking lot – prevent any soap on the church floors please.
  • The sound system is not available for cassette playing or any other electronic device or for plug in sound requirements – basically the sound system of our church is off limits except to those designated by SFA.

Photography & Videography Guidelines:  The photographer, whether a professional or a family friend, must consult with the wedding coordinator to discuss the pictures taken during the ceremony.  Posed group pictures may be taken after the wedding ceremony. You will have 45 minutes after the ceremony for posed group pictures.  This must be done  quickly, quietly and respectfully, because you are in Church, and other services may be in progress.  Your wedding ceremony must begin on time, or your picture taking time will be cut short by the amount of time that your ceremony was delayed.  Make a list of the pictures you want and inform those you want in the pictures not to leave SFA until their pictures are taken.

After the ceremony, please wait at the back of the church for the wedding coordinator who will escort you to document signing, in advance of formal wedding photography.  Do not greet your guests at this time; you will be able to do that at your reception.

Because of the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, all photographs must be taken below the main altar (the lower altar).  The photographer may not walk in the sanctuary, and may not move any furniture, candleholders or chairs.  All off-camera lights, strobe lights, and umbrella lights are not allowed during the ceremony.   No Flash photography is allowed during the ceremony, Thank you.

Spontaneous photography during the ceremony is permitted only at designated locations by the photographer.  Spontaneous photography by the guests is strictly prohibited.    Roving” photographers/videographers must meet with the wedding coordinator day of wedding for instructions”.

The photographer may take pictures of the wedding party coming down the aisle from one of the open pews or aisles in the center of the church, not from the front.  Once the Bride is at the steps of the Sanctuary, the photographer may move around very discretely during the ceremony.

The videographer and/or photographer must remain inconspicuous.  The video camera must be placed on a tripod and remain stationary. 

Flowers & Decorations:  SFA does not provide any special decorations.  We do not provide storage for any items; deliveries must be made the day of the wedding.  Florists must check with the wedding coordinator regarding a suitable time for delivery.  The staff of SFA will not sign for any deliveries and are not liable for any items.

Christian liturgy is marked by elegance and simplicity.  In 90% of the weddings at SFA, the only flowers used are the Bride’s bouquet, and flowers carried by the bridesmaids.

If you desire pew bows or other decorations on the pews, no tape or tacks are permitted.  Bows may be tied with ribbon or hung with rubber bands
All decorations must be prepared before bringing them into SFA.

After the wedding, special decorations must be removed from SFA after the ceremony.    Please assign this duty to someone in your wedding party.  We do not have storage space to hold these items for you, and we are not responsible for any of these items left behind at SFA. 

If items have been forgotten in SFA, please have a family member or friend give the parish office or (wedding coordinator) a call ASAP after the wedding to arrange for pickup of any items left. Those items left beyond 24 hours will be disposed of.

Wedding Attire:  Please keep in mind the solemnity and dignity of your wedding ceremony.  Even though current fashions can be very revealing, there are many choices that can be made for the bridal gown and bridesmaids’ dresses.  If the top is very bare, you should consider wearing a small jacket or a shawl (quite often an option for the bridesmaids’ dresses). If this is deemed inappropriate by the wedding coordinator a shawl will be provided for you at the time of the wedding.

Marriage preparation for out-of-town Catholics who wish to use SFA for their weddings: Follow your diocesan guidelines for marriage preparation.  This is done by first meeting with your own pastor and determining the best action plan for meeting the timing required.
Once all marriage prep is completed at your home parish your marriage prep mentor will provide all permissions and paperwork to your own diocesan chancery.  They will review and send to our chancery, and they in turn to us.  Please note this process takes a few weeks to complete – please be cognizant of this when doing your marriage prep, if we at SFA have not received the documents through our chancery we cannot proceed with the wedding.

Scheduling Fee & Acceptance of Terms: Please note the scheduling fee is refundable up until 3 months prior to the wedding date, after this 50% is refundable to 30 days before the wedding then non- refundable after this date. 

If the engaged couple comes to the wedding ceremony under the influence of drugs or alcohol the wedding can and has been called off with the full forfeiture of the scheduling fee.

To reserve a wedding date the scheduling fee and acceptance of these terms and conditions is to be sent to Deacon George Thierjung – all scheduling fee checks must be made out to “Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Church”

Our Pastor, Father Jim Crisman, Deacon George Thierjung, and the wedding coordinator have final say on all things liturgical and what is allowed for your ceremony please make sure everything is discussed beforehand – on the day of the wedding will not suffice and most everything last minute will not be used.  Thanks for your help with this requirement.

We are not responsible for weather, traffic, or other events which present issues for the wedding parties. Please leave yourself plenty of time to travel allowing for all conditions.