Saint Francis High School Youth

What is “Y Disciple”

YDisciple is a mentor-intensive discipleship group where youth meet once a week with their friends and two mentors to discuss their faith and get to know one another on a deeper level.  Each group will determine its own meeting time and place. 

YDisciple groups use the YDisciple program on FORMED and the SUMMIT Scripture study program. Every 6 weeks YDisciple groups gather together for service projects, mini-retreats, or fun outings.

Space for YDisciple is very limited, so register soon. Parent involvement is a must. Parents provide snacks and places to meet in their homes. Parents also help us locate new mentors for new groups. YDisciple will continue to add new groups throughout the year as new mentors are trained. Registration forms are online and in the lobby.  Our Kick-Off Retreat is Sept. 22.

Registration for Y Disciple

Your age
Enter your birth date
Enter your school name
Enter if different than Mother's address
I give permission for photos of my child participating in youth events to be posted on the church website, bulletin and social media
I want to know more about how I can help out with Y Disciple
I agree to pay the nonrefundable $65.00 registration fee .

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