Spiritual Direction

Are you feeling called into a deeper relationship with God?  Do you feel that prayer has been dry or unanswered? Are you wanting to develop  stronger virtuous habits and leave vice behind?  Is there one or more issue, that you need a trained Director to provide insights about? Spiritual Direction can help clarify that these and other spiritual challenges are creating obstacles to growth in your faith and deeper relationship with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, and the Saints.  

Rita Levine, L.C.S.W., has completed programs in Graduate Theology and Spiritual Formation through the Avila Institute.  She utilizes Ignatian and Carmelite Spirituality in helping you become aware of and navigate a life in Christ through the highs and lows of the journey that is life.  If you are interested in discussing what this might look like for you, please email her at Rita@sfassi.org or call 303-818-6065.  Meetings take place at St. Francis.